La Danza dei Fili (Firenze, 21Settembre - 11 Ottobre 2013)

Art Exhibition

"The Dance of the Wires"

by Alessandra Silvia De Simone

From September 21th to October 11th,2013

Piazza della Repubblica 13/14 R  Florence

opening: September 21th,2013 at 5pm at "Le Giubbe Rosse" 


The Art exhibition "The Dance of Wires" includes a collaboration with the dance school "La Maison de la Danse" of La Spezia,

 with choreography by Emmanuelle Ricco. Alessandra Silvia De Simone is an Italian artist and educator; she collaborates with the 

Education Department at the British Museum in London, creating artistic and cultural projects for children.


 Alessandra Silvia De Simone wishes to give a voice and dynamism to a new form of art that is not only visual,

 but becomes light, movement and the sound, With links back toancient cultures and the medieval age. 

The incorporation of dance allows us to embrace a broader vision of the modern time as magical andenchanted,

 as is the evocative setting of Portovenere Liguria.

 There will be a presentation by the art critic and writer Lodovico Gierut and JACOPO CHIOSTRI giornalista e scrittore. 

Exhibition title: "The Dance of the Wires"

Author: Alessandra Silvia De Simone

Location: "Le Giubbe Rosse" Piazza della Repubblica (Florence)

Vernissage: Saturday, September 21, 2013

Admission is free.

Hours: The exhibition will be open daily from 10am to 22pm

Under the Patronage of:

Sanes Onlus (San Camillo Hospital in Rome), Comune di Firenze,the  Archive Committee Artistic - Documentary Gierut,

 Comune di Porto Venere, Lindera Spose, La Maison de la Danse (SP), LuccAutori (Viareggio).


Alessandra Silvia De Simone