"La Danza dei Fili" around the World!

"La Danza dei Fili"  is a Theater Performance by Art Direction of Alessandra Silvia De Simone (Italian artist and theater director) who care the production, the script, the costumes, the masks - made all by hand with ancient techniques of painting, musical choices, lights, special effects, choreography by actions and elements as well as the entire artistic and cultural project that was also born with the intent to pass on to future generations and to all of us, the technical, spiritual, moral, social values, in the paint and in general in the historical-artistic Italian Cultural Heritage. It places the first emphasis, in fact, in highlighting the artistic richness of Italian Art works  and in general of the value of Italian painting and sculpture in the world.

"La Danza dei Fili" (The Dance of the Wires) was founded in December 2012, but the script had been written a year before. The first performance is achieved with the involvement of three dancers chosen by the Academy La Maison de la Danse in La Spezia (Pres. Emmanuelle Ricco). The three dancers were Elena Ballestracci, Ilaria Gentile and Chiara Battolla at Bastrieri room donated by the Municipality - (Comune) of Portovenere - SP. The project united at the time Dance, Music and Painting. Dance became the interpretation of messages in the author's painting project. After a few months, thanks to the collaboration of the Municipality of Portovenere (Mayor/Sindaco: Matteo Cozzani) the project is implemented in Portovenere at the outdoor theater filling the crowded square entirely of people flocking even during rehearsals. The entry selected for the show "La Danza dei Fili" - 2014" was the magic voice by Camilla Rinaldi. On August 9th, 2014 more than 800 people attend the premiere performance of starvation, followed by Painting Exhibition which opens the evening staged at the Bastrieri Hall of the Municipality of Portovenere, entitled (The Weave) "L'Intreccio"" - Exhibition of Painting Alessandra Silvia De Simone curated and presented by Stefano Giraldi. (Known photographer of art and curator of important cultural and national artistic events).

In May 2014 Alessandra Silvia De Simone becomes a member of the CID UNESCO in Paris FR and about a year later she was invited to present the project inSt. Petersburg (Russia) in April 2015 followed by that time, a number of important national dates and there, unexpected but surprising international stages, Paris, Miami Fl USA, Vancouver Canada, to arrive in April 2016, in just four years, at the realization of the full show in Sao Paulo, Brazil at the Castro Mendes Theatre  Campinas (SP), with more than 1.200 people. On that occasion the show involved over 65 participants between 9 and 28 years of age.

But one of the highlights for the show takes place July 10th, 2016, when unexpectedly "La Danza dei Fili"  by invitation of President Mona D'Amours, opens  the Gala of the  Dance World Cup in Montreal. The Dance World Cup is sponsored by the Montreal by the- Cirque du Soleil - and the participation in the care of the steps of  Marcela Zia Brazilian professional dancer and choreographer). After the experience in Brazil Marcela Zia fact reach Alessandra Silvia De Simone even in Canada. Together and in a few days made the Introduction of "La Danza dei Fili" for the Inauguration of the Gala evening with the best dancers chosen internationally selection scale. Over 40 participants flock to the stage at the -Dance World Cup- to the applause of a huge audience from many countries including India, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Africa, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, etc.

A photograph the performance of  La Danza dei Fili at the Dance World Cup was Nanah D'Luize (professional photographer who chooses to accompany the director on this occasion after the first major collaboration took place in Brazil). However from 2012 to 2016, took care to photograph "La Danza dei Fili", and of keeping the beautiful shots, professionals such as: Luca Martinelli (video), Marco Bartolini (Audio Video), Giorgio Lacava (Video), Richard Podestà (Photography ), Claudio Ciani (Photography) and many journalists, newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts.

"La Danza dei Fili"recounts about the connection between feelings and the human elements in relation to contemporary international civil society, placing a significant emphasis about the  relationship between good and evil, peace and war, death, life and love, black and white , lies and truth, the complicated relationship between the divine and the human, heaven and earth, heaven and hell.

"La Danza dei Fili" show involves more than 85 children between 7 and 28 years of age of all backgrounds, which account for about 27 roles (13 solo) and groups of dancers. They come from all ethnicities, religions and cultures, also it includes a section for children with disabilities or from deprived areas in an absolutely equal context and never judgmental. “La Danza dei Fili” Script founded its roots in fact, on the values of equality, solidarity and mutual respect in the International and Global Peace also of the entire staff that changes and enriches the various stages and time. The script of the show was published in a small book, which at present there is only the Italian versioone and is entitled: "La Danza dei Fili" in Fiaba (Trasl. Fairy Tale) in Ed. By M - Quaderni (by Beppe Mecconi) and. in May 2015. 

Upcoming Events:

(Italy) - In  May 2017, "La Danza dei Fili" will arrive in Turin at the Teatro Concordia di Venaria Reale (Director: Mirco Repetto). This thanks to a sponsorship of the Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo and the COMUNE of Turin and above all thanks to the involvement in the project of the Association for children with disabilities - AACSD "Special Angels" (Pres. Virginia Di Carlo). La Danza dei Fili 2017 in Torino is coordinated by ASD Enjoy Latin Dance Studio Turin (Presid. Stefania Ressia and Giorgio Bocca).

 In preparation for the International stage "La Danza dei Fili" 2017/18.

Intervista per TeleLiguria 2016 e di seguito altri video: