THE DANCE OF WIRES - Shelley Park - July, 11th 2014 - 9 pm

The Dance of the Wires landed at San Terenzo to Lerici July 11, 2014 at 9pm,  at the Shelley Park Alessandra Silvia De Simone, realize the performance, of Union of Arts (music, dancing, singing, rhythmic gymnastics), thanks to the invaluable collaboration of the girls, all choices carefully and meticulously by the two schools La Maison de la Danse La Spezia and My Rhythm of Marina di Carrara. There is also the presence of the wonderful voice of Camilla Rinaldi, who has already participated in the program Io Canto conducted by Gerry Scotti, as well as gymnasts (all winners of national and international awards); we thank you in advance for your work and collaborations: 

Main lines of the School ("La Maison de la Danse" with Emmanuelle Ricco)

The School of (Rhythmic Gymnastics Martina Kate Opuratori "My Rhythm") 

The presenter Chiara  De Carolis 


- Giulia Ercolini (bronze medal Regional) - in the interpretation of the sky,

- Arianna Musetti, in the interpretation of Heaven-regional champion in 2014 and bronze medal national and international 2005

- Alice Tonini, in interpretation of the rebel, Butterfly Gold Medal International tournament Elegance Mini Cup, liv. B,

- Micol Masetti, who plays Sun-gymnast highly skilled gymnast eighth in Italy in the category Master and ninth among the pre-junior Elegance Mini Cup level A. 

The Dancers:

- Chiara Battolla (who plays Death) 

- Elena Ballestracci (who plays the Life) 

- Ilaria Gentile  (who plays the Love) 

- The Singer Camilla Rinaldi. 

The School of Dance's remember that, with all his best dancers, has in the Partnerships, including: the Zurich Academy of Dance, Budapest the Academy of Dance, and is a school recognized by the International Council of Dance UNESCO. 

The project THE DANCE OF WIRES was written by Alexandra Silvia De Simone during the years 2002-2014,  in order to sensitize the society towards the spiritual, moral, ethical, cultural, international art. 

Recall that Alessandra S. De Simone is working, also with free collaboration,  for five years with the  Education Department of the British Museum in London for the following sections: 

- BP Theatre; 

- Stevenson Theatre; 

- Samsung Discovery Centre; 

- Outreach Program.

The evening is attended by Giuseppe D'Urso Couture: High fashion stylist with three gorgeous dresses that are chosen with some paintings by the artist, Life, Love, and Night. - At San Terenzo - Lerici.