DABA  is a project born in 2007
The aim was to spread the culture of ancient  art to children and adults through the conferences, the meetings, the lectures and the guided tours. The project was intended to spread the knowledge of the history and technique  of ancient art through conferences and meetings or guide tours, both theoretical and practical.


- The Prehistory
- The stone maya
- Giotto and his time
- The medieval castle
- The mosaic of paper
- Leonardo's Mona Lisa
- The Trojan Horse
- Greeks and Romans
- Assyrians and Babylonians
- The princess in the art
- The modelling art
- The clay in the Art
- Pablo Picasso and his art
- Chagall and his creativity
- The Virgin and Child in the Middle Ages


- Medieval age  Art
- Michelangelo and Raphael, two geniuses in comparison
- The art of the second half of the nineteenth century
- Caravaggio
- The Gilding in the old Art
- The technique of painting on canvas
- Technique Tempera on panel
- The ancient mural  painting
- What do the restorers?
- The best Italian monuments and churches
- The flourishing period of Italian art
- The drawings by Leonardo da Vinci
- Guided tours (Tuscany, Liguria)