“Art in Pills”


This project was implemented in 2005. Was to bring the students of the elementary school Primary Coreglia Antelminelli to the understanding the technique of Mural Paintings  and egg Tempera. On this occasion, the children have written the themes to describe their feelings, and with Alessandra Silvia de Simone, visited the ancient churches of the city. The Art Project - Educational "Pills of Art" was promoted by the Province of Lucca (Tuscany), was aimed at Primary School and was produced by Primary School Coreglia Antelminelli (LU). The project was intended to spread the Traditional  techniques of mural painting through 12 classes, both Theoretical and Practices on the following topics:

- The fresco technique
- What is primer
- The white primer
- The tempera paints
- Lesson on traditional pigments
- The blue
- The red
- The yellow
- The green
- Magenta color
- The  natural color
- The burnt Siena